These are Sam, Dan, & Kevin's April Fools Day jokes in 2012.

Sam & DanEdit

Today 12:00AM one minute after 11:59PM March 31st I received an email from Nintendo stating that I must remove this game and burn it in a fire... So I'm canceling my plans to make PTD 2 and deleting PTD 1 and all the accounts in the system.
I will then focus all my attention on a new Tower Defense game... announcing Digimon TD!

This game will have you collect all your favorite digital monsters! You can umm do stuff with them. I think they can attack and turn into crazy creatures that don't make any sense at all!
As always let me know what you think!
P.S. Happy April Fools!
Much Love,


I may or may not have slept through my alarm in regards to last week's blog post. I hope this week makes up for it! A lot of you have been eager to see less temporary title screen graphics for Hero Tower Defense. Taking note of the demand, I shirked my responsibilities, priorities be damned, and devoted my time to just such a project. Today (after some struggling), I'm happy to finally raise the curtain on the final graphics. I hope they don't disappoint!

Hero Tower Defense - April Fool's 201200:15

Hero Tower Defense - April Fool's 2012

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