• Coolguy8448

    It is very weird that we can attack our own units. We can attack our units??????????

    Maybe dan should make a "Invalid target" sign. It would sound pretty cool but it would be extra work for dan and bill wouldn't it?

    Post your comments about what you think about this.

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  • Rocketslime 1 1

    I have inserted a code in the wiki thatcan allow an image to appear on all pages. (for instance the one of Maximus) What do you think of it? Is there any other image that you think would be better?

    Note: I will remove the link, but currently I am trying to get feedback on it.

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  • Jacky1126y

    Equipment Infoboxes

    March 31, 2012 by Jacky1126y

    Now that v0.0012 is released, the inventory is out. I was thinking of making a page/pages for finding stats of equips like those in the other game wikis. (here's an example So I would like to see your opinions before I make the pages or Rocketslime will delete my pages like previously...... Anyways, if you guys like the idea of making a stats page thing, you can share some ideas and Rocketslime or some person that knows how to make the templates can make the templates for it. I think it should look something like the Swords page, but you people can share ideas about it.

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  • Jacky1126y

    Weapons Pages

    March 21, 2012 by Jacky1126y

    When I was editing the weapons' sections, I saw that the pages were unorganized because of the fact that only one weapon with stats has been released and there aren't much people who are willing to edit it. For example, on the page with the swords, there is a chart thing which shows the name, picture, and type of the weapon. On another page, there is general info like a picture, a title, and a caption in a box. So, we need someone to make a kind of template for a weapon page. Also, someone designed a box that is put at the bottom of a weapon page and the weapon types are organized by alphabetical order. It's a good idea but for people who aren't familiar with what each weapon is, they won't find what they want right away. So, we can do som…

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  • Lumino66


    March 21, 2012 by Lumino66

    what link is where the guide of becaming admin?


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  • Jacky1126y


    March 19, 2012 by Jacky1126y

    Can only the creator edit the badges? Just wondering.

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  • Rocketslime 1 1

    If you haven't noticed already we have a new section of the main page, it lists trivia that changes every time you open the page. But we need trivia to put on it, so please post any trivia about HTD from pages that is worth putting on it and is not already on it.

    • The first enemy in HTD was the Treasure Whelp.
    • Kevin Nelms's avatar is an edited version of the stage select screen of Mega Man 4, where he replaces Pharaoh Man.
    • The first type of whelp that was designed was an unkown type of whelp that hasn't been included in HTD.
    • Maximus was added in v0.005, and was the first human male character in HTD.
    • Cheryl was the first character to appear and be playable in HTD (v0.001).
    • Shadow Bite was originally named Shadow Bomb.
    • The Supernatural Sword is base…

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  • Roy lam yat long

    i think den bell must update more we can play new update more quickly.

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  • Rocketslime 1 1

    Poll Ideas

    February 19, 2012 by Rocketslime 1 1

    As some of you have noticed a poll has been added to the front page. It will eventually be changed, so what do you think we should change it to later?

    • What is your favorite Element?
    • What is your favorite Enemy?
    • What is your favorite Level?
    • What is your favorite Class?
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  • Water's Great Guardian

    Disclaimer: This was done in about half an hour of clicking around on the Demon Level, so this doesn't go into much detail. In addition, I don't really get along with the skills so far, so I don't have information as to what skill did what - sorry.

    Enemies deal 2 damage both to the heroes and to the villager. Therefore, I was mistaken - the villager doesn't have higher defense than the heroes, just much higher HP.

    The Maximus with the enormous sword deals 80 damage to the enemies at first, then 120, then 160, and then 240 for the rest of the level (both with melee and ranged attacks(. I have no idea why - perhaps he's 'leveling up' behind the scenes?

    The 'burn' from some flame skill or other does only 4 damage each time it activates.

    The Cheryl w…

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