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This is the article on Hero Tower Defence, or HTD, made by Sam Otero, Dan Bell, and Kevin Nelms, the staff of Sam & Dan Games. It is currently in v.0.011, but Sam & Dan plan to add many things in the future.


Main article: Enemies

There are several types of enemies, including mid-bosses and bosses.

Areas & LevelsEdit

Main article: Levels

There will be many areas and levels, in HTD, but currently the only area known is Fortuitous Cave, but the only level playable is Demo Level.


Main article: Characters

There will be many characters that are different races and genders. The only characters in HTD currently are Cheryl and Maximus.


Main article: Weapons

There will be many different types of weapons in HTD. So far we have a giant puple blade, a sword, a kunai, a long mage staff, a battle axe, and a hammer.

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