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This is a guide on how to use Stub Templates.

First let's look at a simple page like this.

What is wrong with a page like this?

As it is a small page it should have a stub template.


After. (Click to enlarge.)

But before you add Template:Stub, check if the page is about a certian topic that should have a specific stub template.

Once you figure out which stub template to use simply add it to the bottom of the page.

The template will add Category:Stubs and the category specific to the template to the page so that people know what pages are stubs.

Stub TemplatesEdit

(These are some current stub templates, a full list can be found here.)

Name Information
Template:Extreme Stub This is for extremely small stubs.
Template:Stub This is for stubs that don't fall under any specific category.
Template:WeaponStub This is for weapon articles that are stubs.

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