Placeholder Concept Art

Here you can see Cheryl and Maximus. To the right of Maximus is his placeholder, and to the left of Cheryl is her placeholder. The placeholders appear to be the character on podiums.

Placeholders are objects that will be used to choose where heroes will appear at the beginning of a level. They will also be used to choose which characters you want to use in the level, in the party selection screen.

Possible FeaturesEdit

Placeholders may eventually have paints that you can buy to change their appearence.


The original idea for figurines actually came to me in a dream when HTD was still very early in development. Belonging to a Jumanji-style game board, the tiny figures represented your heroes as they progressed through their skill trees, represented by the paths on the board. Expecting the heroes to be held responsible for the well-being of this piece of equipment during their dangerous travels was eventually deemed illogical, and the idea was canned.

Months later, we began looking at the game's pre-battle interfaces, and when I was tasked with laying out the hero management screen, the idea made a comeback. I started with a simple goal: that these supposed figurines would be less stressful for the engine to load in a timely manner than full-blown previews of your heroes would be. The hand-carved wooden figures would be unique to your hero's race, gender, and class to assist in quickly identifying your heroes, and clicking on them once would bring up a dynamic preview elsewhere on the screen, along with options to configure their equipment and skills. Dragging the figures to another area would allow you to arrange a party before entering battle.

Kevin X. Nelms's blog, Week 21