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This is the list of the updates to HTD.


Version 0.0015Edit

Nature Skills with placeholder icons were added.

Version 0.0014Edit

Light Skills with placeholder icons were added.

Version 0.0013Edit

A new login screen and party selection screen (to match the skill selection screen).


Version 0.0012Edit

Equipment was added.


Version 0.0011Edit

A 5th character was added and the old cursor was replaced by a new one.


Version 0.0010Edit

Main article: HTD Day 30

Water Skills introduced. The ability to change Native Skills was temporarily added.

Version 0.009Edit

Main article: HTD Day 28

The PTD accounts were added to HTD to be able to save.


Version 0.008Edit

Main article: HTD Day 27

The ability to change the character's skills was added.

Version 0.007Edit

Main article: HTD Day 26

Several small updates.

Version 0.006Edit

Main article: HTD Day 25

Ability to choose your party introduced.

Version 0.005Edit

Main article: HTD Day 24

Maximus was introduced.

Version 0.004Edit

Main article: HTD Day 23

Fire skills re-introduced.

Version 0.003Edit

Main article: HTD Day 22

Shadow Skills introduced. The fire skills were temporarily removed.

Version 0.002Edit

Main article: HTD Day 21

Version 0.002 introduced three fire element spells and a new cursor, one shaped like a hand.


Version 0.001Edit

Main article: HTD Day 19

Version 0.001 (also known as the Pre-Alpha version) introduced the Demo Level. It also introduced Treasure Whelps.


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