When I was editing the weapons' sections, I saw that the pages were unorganized because of the fact that only one weapon with stats has been released and there aren't much people who are willing to edit it. For example, on the page with the swords, there is a chart thing which shows the name, picture, and type of the weapon. On another page, there is general info like a picture, a title, and a caption in a box. So, we need someone to make a kind of template for a weapon page. Also, someone designed a box that is put at the bottom of a weapon page and the weapon types are organized by alphabetical order. It's a good idea but for people who aren't familiar with what each weapon is, they won't find what they want right away. So, we can do something like the skills template where all skills are organized into sub-catagories and it looks nicer. So in the final template, we can have something like a trinkets tab and have links to kinds of trinkets like books, globes, etc. under it.

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