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    I have inserted a code in the wiki thatcan allow an image to appear on all pages. (for instance the one of Maximus) What do you think of it? Is there any other image that you think would be better?

    Note: I will remove the link, but currently I am trying to get feedback on it.

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    If you haven't noticed already we have a new section of the main page, it lists trivia that changes every time you open the page. But we need trivia to put on it, so please post any trivia about HTD from pages that is worth putting on it and is not already on it.

    • The first enemy in HTD was the Treasure Whelp.
    • Kevin Nelms's avatar is an edited version of the stage select screen of Mega Man 4, where he replaces Pharaoh Man.
    • The first type of whelp that was designed was an unkown type of whelp that hasn't been included in HTD.
    • Maximus was added in v0.005, and was the first human male character in HTD.
    • Cheryl was the first character to appear and be playable in HTD (v0.001).
    • Shadow Bite was originally named Shadow Bomb.
    • The Supernatural Sword is baseā€¦

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    Poll Ideas

    February 19, 2012 by Rocketslime 1 1

    As some of you have noticed a poll has been added to the front page. It will eventually be changed, so what do you think we should change it to later?

    • What is your favorite Element?
    • What is your favorite Enemy?
    • What is your favorite Level?
    • What is your favorite Class?
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