If you haven't noticed already we have a new section of the main page, it lists trivia that changes every time you open the page. But we need trivia to put on it, so please post any trivia about HTD from pages that is worth putting on it and is not already on it.

Already Addded Trivia

  • The first enemy in HTD was the Treasure Whelp.
  • Kevin Nelms's avatar is an edited version of the stage select screen of Mega Man 4, where he replaces Pharaoh Man.
  • The first type of whelp that was designed was an unkown type of whelp that hasn't been included in HTD.
  • Maximus was added in v0.005, and was the first human male character in HTD.
  • Cheryl was the first character to appear and be playable in HTD (v0.001).
  • Shadow Bite was originally named Shadow Bomb.
  • The Supernatural Sword is based on something Kevin Nelms saw in a recent addition to Netflix.
  • Treasure Whelps used to be able to use fireball, but it was removed once, it was then added back, and later it was removed again and given to Red Whelps.
  • HTD Day 29 was the first HTD day, since HTD was updated regularly, that HTD was not updated.
  • The HTD Wiki was created on August 23, 2011 at 13:07 UTC.

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