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  • Water's Great Guardian

    Disclaimer: This was done in about half an hour of clicking around on the Demon Level, so this doesn't go into much detail. In addition, I don't really get along with the skills so far, so I don't have information as to what skill did what - sorry.

    Enemies deal 2 damage both to the heroes and to the villager. Therefore, I was mistaken - the villager doesn't have higher defense than the heroes, just much higher HP.

    The Maximus with the enormous sword deals 80 damage to the enemies at first, then 120, then 160, and then 240 for the rest of the level (both with melee and ranged attacks(. I have no idea why - perhaps he's 'leveling up' behind the scenes?

    The 'burn' from some flame skill or other does only 4 damage each time it activates.

    The Cheryl w…

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  • Water's Great Guardian

    Above are two concept-art pictures for the Fortuitous Cave area/Demo Level, and one screenshot of something on the concept artist's blog. From this, it seems we can conclude some interesting stuff for the Treasure Lord:

    • It's level-60-or-higher, whatever that means.
    • It is also a dragon - possibly (likely?) the parent of all the Whelps flying about, since one of the HTD posts referred to the Whelps as "dragon whelps".
    • The boss level will accommodate five heroes.
    • Dragon eggs will be part of the level, though possibly only as background decoration. (Or as an avenue for introducing Pets?)
    • Bring-your-own-treasure-hoard, apparently - not a problem for a Treasure Lord, of course.
    • "Introductory strategic mindset" implies that the Treasure Lord, as a bos…

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