Preview of Cave Level
Cave Level Props
Hot Property screenshot

Above are two concept-art pictures for the Fortuitous Cave area/Demo Level, and one screenshot of something on the concept artist's blog. From this, it seems we can conclude some interesting stuff for the Treasure Lord:

  • It's level-60-or-higher, whatever that means.
  • It is also a dragon - possibly (likely?) the parent of all the Whelps flying about, since one of the HTD posts referred to the Whelps as "dragon whelps".
  • The boss level will accommodate five heroes.
  • Dragon eggs will be part of the level, though possibly only as background decoration. (Or as an avenue for introducing Pets?)
  • Bring-your-own-treasure-hoard, apparently - not a problem for a Treasure Lord, of course.
  • "Introductory strategic mindset" implies that the Treasure Lord, as a boss, will have more complex AI than the various Whelps flying about.
  • "Simultaneous slaughtering" may imply that the Treasure Lord has Area-Of-Effect attacks.

A question: Is the Treasure Lord "Clyde"?

Coming This January preview

More seriously, we may note the following "notes" from the sidebar of KXN@HTD. KXN notes

Hmm? What are those last two notes, again? "Fo[...] Entrance" - while "Fortuitous Cave Entrance" wouldn't actually fit in that space, that could be artistic license. There's also a "Secret Boss (Not Clyde) Prep" bar on that note - ah, that poor sap Clyde will always be waiting his turn, won't he?

Below that, however, we can clearly see "Idle Stances", "Attack Animation", and "Flight Animation" beneath a sketch of a dragon. Hmm. Treasure Lord, anyone?

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