Week #001: The BeginningEdit

Welcome! Make yourself at home. Beer's in the fridge.

As some of you may have read, last week I made comment about looking for a way to separate any art-related feedback so that it would be easier and faster for me to access. I quickly shot down the idea of creating a dedicated e-mail address, since quite frankly I already have enough of them to check. After discussing options over the weekend with Sam and Dan, we settled on the sub-blog concept.
As such, the primary function of this blog is to host any and all art-related feedback. Any comment regarding the gameplay of HTD itself does not belong! Such comments should be directed back to the main blog of Sam & Dan Games. I repeat, any comments regarding gameplay features made here will either not be approved or not be answered.
That aside, I do find it necessary to do more with my blog space than simply repost what's being posted on the main blog, and eventually plan to post behind-the-scenes looks at HTD and other fun stuff. But, following the example set by Sam and Dan, just what I post will be decided by the viewers! I encourage everyone to hit the poll I've setup above and help shape just what this blog will be about over the coming months and beyond. The poll will be open for the next two weeks.
Since the exact content of KXN@HTD is still being decided on, this means I don't really have a whole lot to post this week. I am, however, going to share an update on the whelp shown last week, as well as another view that I put together this weekend.

See you all next week!